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Re: Expanding EV charging in Yosemite

Sat Aug 12, 2017 4:01 pm

abasile wrote:<snip>
Tuolumne Meadows, on the other hand, is comparatively isolated and much less congested. Other than Tesla Superchargers, US-395 is an EV charging desert, and there appear to be no plans to change that in the near future. I agree that CCS/CHAdeMO QCs in Lee Vining could be quite helpful, even for Tesla owners. Still, there's a lot of elevation change between Tuolumne and Lee Vining, so it's not exactly ideal to have to drive down to Lee Vining if you're in Tuolumne and you need to add more charge (unless of course you're going to Mono Lake for the evening anyway). People in gas cars now have to do this, but at least they generally have more range per "fill up". Also, compared to using a QC, it's more convenient and easier on the grid to charge on L2 while one sleeps, and it's always ideal if one can start the drive home with close to a full charge.

So, in view of Tuolumne's isolation and the large number of campsites there, I'd strongly encourage you to submit any EV charging proposal that includes L2 in Tuolumne Meadows. :D Even for through-travelers on CA-120, having some EVSEs in Tuolumne would provide range assurance on that long stretch of road.

I'm leaning your way for Tuolumne (and Badger Pass) at least, for reasons we both agree on, although I think we could skip Wawona and maybe the Valley (especially if they put a QC in El Portal), although we really should have L2 down there at the lodgings/campgrounds. But, if there are QCs at both Rush Creek and Lee Vining, they're only 68.5 miles apart and that's easily doable round trip in either direction, eliminating most if not all the anxiety.

Another option, which I discussed with the owner a few years back, would be a few L2(s) at Tioga Pass Resort by Tioga Lake, as they have a cafe' there that gets a lot of visitors, as well as their overnight guests. At the time I think they were changing owners so they were non-committal, and in any case there were no external outlets at all, but now that there are more BEVs that can get there I'll give it another shot and see if they're interested. Even with those, some L2s in Tuolumne would be useful, and it is a destination itself, unlike Lee Vining (barring the Deli; I've made that round trip quite a few times just for dinner), which is mainly a way station to other points.
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