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Re: San Diego Leaf Fanatics!

Thu Jan 28, 2016 11:12 pm

More SDG&E related news out today:

SDG&E To Install Thousands Of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
- Pilot program authorizes 3,500 electric vehicle chargers at 350 sites

- Expands electric vehicle and charging access for businesses, multi-family communities and underserved neighborhoods

- Residents can charge on renewable energy, drive on sunshine

I wonder if any QC stations will be included with this build-out? Targeting businesses and multi-family communities seems like a great idea - the lack of charging at many of these locations prevents many people from being able to effectively use plug-in vehicles.

There's also the fact that NEM 2.0 will not significantly affect net metering, but I'll pick up that discussion in the SDG&E, Solar, Net Metering, and Time of Use 2 (TOU2) thread.
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