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2018 Leaf: gid and % SoC values for LBW and VLBW?

Fri Apr 06, 2018 6:02 pm

It's related to helping the person at viewtopic.php?f=55&t=25586. Anyone know what they are? Maybe @DaveinOlyWA knows?

Also, are the gid values and/or critical voltages known for when turtle's triggered and when contactor opens?

(For 24 kWh Leafs, it was about 49 gid for LBW and 24 gids for VLBW.)

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Re: 2018 Leaf: gid and % SoC values for LBW and VLBW?

Sun Apr 08, 2018 10:09 am

Should I add the new warning?

LBW (Low Battery Warning) is roughly 87-91 GID 6.7 kwh remaining 9% SOG ("State of Guess" which is different from GOM that only guesses range ;) this speculates on SOC ) Indicator; blinking GOM

VLB (Very low Battery) 61 - 63 GIDs, 4.7 kwh remaining Indicator; "_ _ _ " on GOM. SOG; 5 - 6%.

"ST" (Super Turtle) or maybe "EVLB" (Extremely very low Battery warning) or perhaps something simple like "911" SOG; 2 % but only if you are paying attention!! ;)

This new warning happens at.... wait for it!!.... 48 GIDs. This number "may" seem familiar. Indicator; "_ _ _" on SOG.

As always, I have no comment on OT (Old Turtle) or perhaps RT (Regular Turtle) or ST (Standard Turtle?) since its voltage controlled and dependent on conditions of the pack including balance of cells, power demands, etc.

But I did hit 8 GIDs once @ 305.72 Volts or a LEAF Spy SOC of 2.9% and realize despite having 36 power segments (that replaced the 8 double wall circles) they disappear in chunks hence the nonsensical search for a definitive Turtle number.
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