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Re: Yikes, degradation is looking bad (2018 Leaf)

Thu May 31, 2018 9:06 am

Foschas wrote:
DaveinOlyWA wrote:Why are 2015ers chiming in with VERY VERY bad advice? (Maybe a glance at the thread title is in order) Charging to 100% is bad for ALL Lithium chemistries. It has nothing to do with heat. Its all about voltage and the breakdown that occurs with sustaining the voltage on the edge for extended periods of time.

So you got a 2015 W/O LEAF Spy and the only thing you can claim is you haven't lost a bar AKA at least 15+% capacity? That is hardly "good" in any way. I have NEVER lost a bar over 4 different versions of the LEAF driving MUCH farther and guess what? Other than my much maligned 2016 S 30, the packs have exhibited unacceptably high degradation which is why I don't have them anymore. The 2018 is still being evaluated but has the likely potential of having 2015 like degradation and still be acceptable simply because it has a LOT TO LOSE. Your 2015's don't.

Lol no advice, just my situation. I’m a just drive it kind of guy. Take care of it and it takes care of me. When it doesn’t we’ll break up and I’ll find another valiant steed. Really have fun, change your oil regularly and charge to what ever let’s you sleep at night.

P.s. how do you limit a base model to stop charging at a certain percentage?

If you had more details I could give you a more detailed answer. Use the charge timer
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Re: Yikes, degradation is looking bad (2018 Leaf)

Thu May 31, 2018 12:04 pm

LeftieBiker wrote:
They should have aimed slightly lower in my opinion but They did the testing and that's what Nissan decided on.

I know you aren't expressing faith in Nissan's battery testing, but just for the newbies; don't put faith in Nissan's battery testing!

It isn't where you charge, actually: it's how hot the weather is when you charge, wherever you are.

And how long the battery cooks at a high temperature and high SoC combined.

I agree with John: as a matter of fleet longevity routine charging up to 90% instead of 94% would have been smart.
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