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Re: 50 Amp Line to use supplied 240 cord on 2018?

Thu Sep 20, 2018 4:44 pm

webfootguy wrote:Just to add some more details, the Tesla Mobile charger supplied with S/X/3 is a Gen 2 charger that limits the charge rate to 240v/32 amps, but the older Gen 1 chargers were able to supply 240v/40 amps.


That is correct.

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Re: 50 Amp Line to use supplied 240 cord on 2018?

Thu Oct 04, 2018 7:39 pm

In the end, we had an electrician come out and install a 50 Amp line. But, as our last electrician said our board was "maxed out", so we sprung for a totally new board with lots of free space for any future projects like solar.
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Re: 50 Amp Line to use supplied 240 cord on 2018?

Fri Oct 05, 2018 5:17 pm

powersurge wrote:The 2018 is a Leaf like any other... You don't need to change the setup you had for you old one>>>>>..... Unless you were using a slower EVSE (like a 16-20 amp charger).

And even if the OP was using a slower EVSE, I would weigh the costs of upgrading the circuit to whether or not there is a real need for that additional speed. Does the OP need more charge than his current setup can provide during the car's normal resting period (usually when the owner is asleep)? Is the OP's electricity provider's off-peak time insufficiently long enough to provide the range he/she needs at that lower charging rate?

My home's electrical supply only had enough spare capacity to add a 30 amp circuit; while that would allow me a 24 amp EVSE, at the time Clipper Creek only had a 20 amp one; the next step up I believe was a 30 amp model. I had a 2012 Leaf at the time so this was able to supply more current than my Leaf could use.

But fast forward and now I have a 2015 eGolf, which has a 7.2 kW on board charger. While it's tempting to swap out the 20 amp EVSE for a 24 amp one (which CC now offers), the costs aren't worth the 20% increase in speed, at least for my situation. And even if I could have a full 32 amp EVSE installed, as I rarely come home "on fumes" it still wouldn't be worth the added cost IMHO.
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