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Re: B mode vs e-padel efficiency

Wed Oct 10, 2018 11:46 am

With all of the driving possibilities, the real question is "by how much" are any of the driving modes better or worse....

Although it may be initially fun to know that you are "hypermile-ing" is it really worth all of that extra effort and annoyance of following a procedure....

I feel much more happy and relaxed by just driving the car in eco mode and be done with it. I only use B mode when I am going down a steep, long hill.....

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Re: B mode vs e-padel efficiency

Fri Oct 12, 2018 8:19 am

Any mode can be the most efficient depending on several factors. But we also need to look at realities and the likelihood that we can maximize the benefits of each mode but first some facts.

1) Regen is not what we want. It is not 100% efficient or even close for that matter. Regen is only used because the driver chose to drive too fast. That higher speed required a lot of additional energy from the battery pack.

2) Friction braking is required for EVERY stop but is not required to slow down beyond a few miles per hour.

So the real question should be "Which mode provides the average driver a greater possibility of achieving a greatest portion of perfection."

That answer will always be E Pedal simply because it uses each of the features that other modes use except creep. For those of you who have not tried it, creep is a perfect example of "slower is not always better" In fact, creep is a very inefficient way to travel.

**E Pedal is the only mode that provide full control of vehicle speed.

** There is no way to exceed the efficiency of one pedal driving. For those "driving experts" here, your best result is matching the efficiency and I am betting that is a rare occasion.

The only real takeaway we really need here is not what mode is best, its how much energy we wasted because we didn't want to be more than 25 feet behind the car in front of us to prevent someone from cutting in.
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