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Re: Post Your Order Details Here

Sun Dec 11, 2016 9:07 pm

Lease was up on my 2013 Leaf SL in September, in which I elected to extend for 6 months. I originally was planning on going with the Bolt, but didn't think it would be ready in the Great Lakes region by March 2017 when I was required to turn in the car and was still a bit uncomfortable ordering a car that I had not test driven. I know reviews have been very good overall, but there have been notes that the Bolt is lacking a bit in interior quality and comfort - two aspects I have been very pleased with in the Leaf.

Anyway, I decided to get the 2016 Leaf SL. Yes, the range is not where I would like it to be, but the Nissan NCTC program actually mitigates this pretty well for me, as a lot of the miles I put on are between Milwaukee and Madison and both are part of the program. Here is how the deal panned out:

2016 Nissan Leaf SL with Premium Package
MSRP $38755
36 month lease
15,000 miles
Down payment of $2500
Monthly payment of $299.05 (includes taxes and fees)
Residual of $12,400 (not sure on this one)

In the end, I was pretty happy with the deal. It was only $9 per month higher than what I had with the 2013 SL, but now have the increased range, NCTC, and I know the reduced residual makes it harder to keep the payments static from 2013. Dealer (Gordie Boucher in Greenfield, WI) claims he lost $2300 on the deal, but who knows.

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Re: Post Your Order Details Here

Sun Jan 01, 2017 7:35 am

Heading back Monday to pick up our first leaf!
2017 sv- gun metallic-black interior
List price- $35455
Dealer rebates- $5500
Other Rebates: city of Boulder, and the biggest game changer is as of 1/1/17 the new Colorado law that lets the dealer have the $2500 directly from the state EV rebate. This takes the $2500 directly off the top of the lease.
These all together = 12,700
Cap cost=17,255
24 month lease
With 0 down and taxes rolled into the monthly payment will be $250.

I emailed and went to 4 different dealers . Boulder Nissan was in a different level all together. They are knowledgeable and many of them drive Leafs.
All the other Denver area dealers basically had no clue how the rebate was changing 1/1/17 and were arguing with me. I even tried to get a deal on a couple left over 16's to buy outright if they could work a smoking deal. None seemed to want to get rid of them. If your in the market I recommend Boulder Nissan for a lease.
Anyhow really looking forward to picking up our first EV tomorrow!

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Re: Post Your Order Details Here

Wed Jan 04, 2017 4:18 pm

powersurge wrote:So if you bought the car after the lease, your total cost (without taxes) would be 20,600 for a 33,000 car. I never leased, so I don't know if there are more charges.

That is very similar to what I got for my 24kwh S. The benefit I got is that I got a monthly payment of $300 for 6 years (72 months) at 0% financing. If you lease, you would have to cough up 9100 dollars at the end of your lease in cash...

I personally like the idea of buying because no one can take the car out of my hands... Remember the EV!??

Hi powersurge,

Sorry for not replying sooner (too busy enjoying the holidays with my leaf! - story for another time).

Anyway, your $20,600 buyout number is missing some details. There's also a $2500 state rebate that I had to apply for on my own, and $395 lease termination fee, and 9.5% sales tax ($864.50) on the residual value. So if there weren't any further incentives, my out of pocket to buyout the leaf would be: $21,860 - 2500 == $19,360 (inclusive of all taxes and fees)

Now the icing on the cake will come in spring of 2019. If used values of the old leaf dropped as quickly as the 2013's did, then I expect to receive a buyout offer from NMAC (just like I did for my 2013 leaf). But unlike last year, I won't be hemming and hawing to take the offer!! I'm hoping for ~$5000 off to bring it inline with last year's offer. So all in all, it's better to lease a leaf and buy it out, than to purchase it outright. One of the few cases where leasing is better.

[2013 leaf traded for 2016 leaf S30! ... still getting a model3 though. :D

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