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Re: Do I need change my electricity plan to charge off-peak time

Posted: Sat Jun 10, 2017 7:53 am
by Marktm
hewitt66 wrote:Living in Texas, it is interesting to see how California TOU rates are meshing with EV charging. The Texas EV market is still modest compared with California but we are seeing more TOU rates from competitive electricity providers. In anticipation of delivery of my Leaf, I have been studying these rates. One in particular offers a 6.5 cent/kWh daytime rate and a 4.8 cent/kWh rate between 10 pm and 6 am. This does not include the utility delivery charge and the company estimates and effective all-in rate of around 10 cents/kWh for my home in Houston.

The around-the-clock estimate assumes 70% of my home usage is during the day and 30% is during the night block (10 pm to 6 am). I assume by charging my EV at night I will do pretty well. My back of the envelope calculations have my effective rate around 9 cents per kWh all year long. That includes the electricity provider rate as well as the utility delivery tariff charges. I read over the terms and conditions and nothing precludes using these rates for EV charging. Sounds like a good way to go. Hope to see more of these rate structures in the market.

Update - Houston area now has a "solar days and free nights". Essentially 13.5 cents/KWH from 6:00 AM to 9:00 PM and free the other 12 hours. (plus fixed fees). After punching the numbers for last years actual usage, using an average straight rate (~9 cents/KWH), I would have to use at least 60% of my useage during "free nights" just to break even. For my useage, that left about $1000/year at most (100% free nights) to pay off any investments required to shift energy usage.

However, we don't use much energy compared to many here - so many may find that buying a used (or really cheap new?) Leaf for everyday commuting combined with charging at night could absolutely pay off, especially considering the savings in driving ICE vrs EV (for me is almost 40 cents/mile all in - that does include the energy costs however). My situation is a little different in that I need a "Suburban" type vehicle for my business - use the Leaf for all "suburban" errands.