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Re: Driving my CPO Leaf 233 miles home

Tue Jan 10, 2017 10:18 am

Quick chargers? Wow, must be nice! We don't have any such here in northern Canada. As for putting just winter tires on the front of the car, very bad and dangerous. I have 4 WINTER tires on my Leafie. With the weight of the car, it feels like a little 4X4 Jeep. In winter here I get about, in your miles, approximately 80 miles range on a 100% charge.

I recently drove it back from Montana to home, 200 miles and had to stop 3 times, 2 for 100% and 1 charge at 60%. In the vast open spaces, there is nothing and for 10 miles I was driving on zero battery, even turned off my headlights (NO one was out) to save some power. Made it to the charging station and glad it was operational. Slept in the car with the heater on for 4 hours, bring blankets and a pillow. And made it home exactly 1 hour before a huge storm hit with sub zero temperatures and snow, in fact it got so cold, so fast, that a thick fog descended upon us due to the temperature differential. It ended up at -32 degrees, but by then the Leafie was snug in her garage and plugged in to 80%.

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Re: Driving my CPO Leaf 233 miles home

Tue Jan 10, 2017 1:46 pm

Yup. Vermont is notoriously bad at clearing the back roads in snowstorms and since I often move the old tires to the back wheels and buy new tires for my front wheels I have experienced this. Honestly even the mud & snows on the front aren't great winter tires. I think once we get the car home we'll probably put THEM on the rear wheels and better snow tires on the front. I just gotta get it here first...

It's hard to decide to do it, but you'd be better off with the crappier snow tires in front, and better ones in the rear. The car's weight and traction control will get it through the snow.
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