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Re: Hi, everyone

Thu Apr 20, 2017 11:05 pm

I ran the 16-inch OEM Ecopias and replacement MXM4 Michelins on the 2011 at 44 psi. Handling, wear rate, wet traction, and range were all improved over the factory-recommended 36 psi. I ran the OEM 17-inch Michelin Energy Savers on the 2015 at 44 psi, but tried the entire range from 36 to 44 in an attempt to get decent traction and handling. They were bald at 28k miles and I consider them the worst tires I have ever owned because wet traction was really poor. I replaced them with Continental sport/touring tires and gladly accept the 15% range reduction in return for MUCH better handling, wet traction, and dry traction. Also, they show very little wear after 10k miles.

If you really need the best range, Ecopias inflated to 44 psi have good wet traction and decent handling. There is an incredible difference in handling, how the car drives in cross winds, and especially wet traction between 36 psi and 44 psi with the Ecopias. I think the LEAF is too heavy for Ecopias inflated to only 36 psi.
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Re: Hi, everyone

Fri Apr 21, 2017 7:25 am

GerryAZ wrote:I think the LEAF is too heavy for Ecopias inflated to only 36 psi.

Indeed. For the eGolf which weighs about the same, VW specs 41 psi and also includes Ecopias with the car. Over 12k miles later, I'm not seeing the uneven tire wear that I saw with my Leaf during its first 12k miles.
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Re: Hi, everyone

Tue Apr 25, 2017 8:17 am

Marktm wrote:I need new tires and considering new custom wheels for my 2012 Leaf. How have they worked for you? Appears that rolling resistance varies quite a bit with tire/wheel combos - don't want to lose range - any comments on that? (from anyone!).

Post some pics.

These are the tires I bought and mounted them on the Verde Wheels will try to post pics when I get time.

4 - Westlake SA07 215/45R17XL 91W BSW ($45.48/ea)

$181.92 for 4 tires + $53.75 shipping Total $235.67

Here's where I got them:

I have a little over 1500 mi. on these so far and they seem to be a great tire for the money. I have noticed a slight decrease in mi per kwh. I am setting at 3.6 now but I can easily make 3.9, I have really been driving aggressively lately, most of my driving is hwy. and I am frequently over the limit. I only have a 22 mi. round trip commute and with an OpenEvse 50A station at home no worries about range. I think the tire and wheel combination have probably only cost me .2 - 3 Kwh over the Ecopia's that were on the car. Handling and grip are superb, much better than the stock tires.
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Re: Hi, everyone

Tue Apr 25, 2017 12:07 pm

Think you have chosen some good options. Tire pricing is great - especially considering the good reviews they seem to get. I would like to see the results on the Leaf - IMO it needs some styling upgrades!
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