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Re: Hx dropping constantly!

Thu Jul 13, 2017 9:13 pm

Good question. All I can offer are these stats:

At 9,305 miles I was at 60.11, 91%, 92.28% (AHr, SOH, Hx).
100% charge was showing 260 GIDS 20.2 kWh remaining

at 11,065 miles 66.65, 100%, 102.34
100% charge was showing 284 GIDS and 22.0 kWh remaining

I'm back in free fall state. On the way home I drove 8 miles and watched the Hx value fall from 98.91 to 98.17. The car is around 50% SOC. I'm going to charge at work tomorrow and see if the numbers will climb on the way home with pulse driving. Past experience says no, but it will be a good test.

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