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Re: Should I Buy this 2014 leaf s?

Sun Jun 11, 2017 8:22 am

BenAzLeaf wrote:Thanks for all of the info. I did not expect such a great surge of posts. I must say that there is a lot to digest here. My takeaway is that I should be prepared for reduced range. I think that with the vehicle there are tradeoffs and you need to consider them. I am primarily purchasing as a commuter during the months of August-May 20 miles each way mixed freeway and streets. About 6 miles on streets and 14 on the highway. I know the highway zaps range.

I have been researching a lot about the vehicle and think I am ready to buy, knowing the trade-offs I would make. I figure at 7k dollars It would basically be free (i have been commuting in my Tacoma.) I have other vehicles available and would drive this as a commuter for 3 years, then hand it to my daughter who would be a driver at that time. I would then purchase another EV (Leaf or ?) once there is more track record etc with the EV. I don't want a hybrid etc. I want purely BEV only.

I think this is a pretty safe move and for the money even if in three years it is worth only 3k dollars. At that point I could either put a new pack in or, maybe the battery will have been covered by warranty etc....?

Call me crazy but I really dig the funky styling of the leaf, I especially love the rear end.

I know you will enjoy the Leaf for commuting. Look at my previous post for comments about range vs. temperature in our climate (I like it cool and am not afraid to use A/C even when I might be pushing the range). My commute is 26 miles each way with 2 in neighborhood, 5 on surface streets, and the rest on I-17 (car pool lane saves a lot of time) and I-10. I made my roundtrip (52 miles total) when the 2011 was down to 8 capacity bars with normal A/C use before Nissan replaced the battery, but there was not much reserve. I don't know about the 2014, but the battery in my 2015 (so-called lizard pack) is doing much better than either the original or replacement in the 2011. There is a lot of discussion on the forum about battery deterioration, but I look at it as part of the fuel cost and the Leaf saves wear/tear from stop/go traffic on my other vehicles. No one thinks about extra wear/tear and maintenance requirements on internal combustion vehicles in our climate, but those costs are there.
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Re: Should I Buy this 2014 leaf s?

Mon Jun 12, 2017 8:55 am

Gerry, thank you for your info. Sounds pretty similar to my situation. I think I am going with the deal. I can't find any similar price points in my area and I am looking at the positive trade offs that this purchase will make. (My previous gas costs were roughly 2k a year, not to mention maintenence etc...) I will now commute for essentially the same price (After charging and car cost depreciation) as gas costs. It makes complete sense as a commuter / around town vehicle. I will keep everyone updated on the progress.

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Re: Should I Buy this 2014 leaf s?

Wed Jun 21, 2017 10:06 am

Just to point out my experience on range (and the ambient temperature discussion):

I have a 52 mile commute for my 2013 SL. My SOH is about 89%. I charge to 100% on work days and 80% on weekends. My commute to work involves some 6% and 8% grades. Both ways are usually 65% highway, 20% surface streets, 15% slow traffic speeds. I get to work at about 63-69% SoC. Get home with about 33-39% left.

Recently it's been about 100-105 degF here in the bay area, California. I park in a spot at work that is shaded by the end of the day. I drove home yesterday in 104 F temps with the AC set to 60 and the fan on 3 clicks all the way home. This was plenty to keep it very cool and comfortable (I have black interior also). I rolled into the driveway at 36% SoC. My AC has been working very well during this heat wave and has a very minor effect on my range.

I was apprehensive about using regen on the grades home, but it never went above 7 bars on the temp gauge. Mine routinely is at 6 bars during 70-80deg ambient temps.
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