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2013 SV Loud click frequently heard when car slows or speeds up abruptly.

Sat Jul 15, 2017 3:12 pm

I say frequently instead of always because I cannot always reproduce it. Although I occasionally hear some softer clicks periodically when driving which I assume is weight shifting of this or that, this loud single click is, well, quite a bit louder.

Sometimes I think it happens more when I have it in B-Eco mode, but then I have heard it in D-Eco. The frustrating thing is although I often can make it happen with an abrupt slow-down and then an abrupt acceleration, if I try to make it happen again right away (slow-down and speedup) it often will not do it. Seems elusive.

It almost sounds like an electric switch/solenoid. Is this a Leaf thing?

2013 (4/2013) Pearl White SV LED/QC package
6/13/17: 22,852mi; AHr= 54.13; SOH= 82%

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