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Re: My 2011 Leaf just burned itself to a crisp and Nissan won't help me.

Sun Dec 31, 2017 2:48 pm

I can only echo what others have said and I too was in law enforcement for about 20 years. Generally, a car fire was not that big of a deal (the places I have worked at anyway) and generally, we didn't write reports and neither did the fire department (unless there was a death, it was a government vehicle, etc.). If this did happen in Guatemala and the story is as read, I would not expect anything in the way of a paper trail for this anymore than what I dealt with here in the U.S. I know many people around the world in many of these countries and there is no telling what was done to an electric car prior to the OP buying it (again, assuming everything is as read here). Here is a recent fire from August that I got involved with since it was four doors down from my house. The lady who owned it had just taken it to Walmart for servicing and they had supposedly replaced the battery about half an hour before the fire started - she had literally just parked it, walked inside her house, and I noticed the smoke I was pulling into my driveway. Fire department put the fire out and that was the end of it - no police, no arson investigator, etc. Just to provide a different perspective ;) You'll have to click the link - I can't get the pic to upload into here for whatever reason

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Re: My 2011 Leaf just burned itself to a crisp and Nissan won't help me.

Mon Jan 01, 2018 6:57 am

Evoforce wrote:
powersurge wrote:First, when have sla car batteris gone on fire? They are full of water. Maybe an upgrade 12v lithium battery that some geniouses push on this site caused a fire. If that happens, then they reap what they sew....

You are a source of amazement for me! I can always count on you to say interesting things.

Come on,... How many car fires are attributed to the standard SLA 12 volt batteries spontaneously going on fire in the world??? They do not because all they are is full of water and acid. If the battery lead, the acid will damage the body parts of the car over time.. that is all...

I am glad you are amazed by my statements..

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Re: My 2011 Leaf just burned itself to a crisp and Nissan won't help me.

Wed Jan 03, 2018 6:09 pm

I think you mean a flooded cell battery when you say "a standard" battery. SLA batteries are quite likely to be AGM or Gel type so when subjected to thermal runaway can definitely constitute a fire risk.

Even with a traditional flooded cell, non-maintenance free, type of battery I think it has always been quite common for neglectful vehicle owners to let them get down to almost a dry state - such as when their voltage regulator has failed and overcharging takes place.
That could be the scenario for much of the anecdotal evidence of battery fires.
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