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Re: Newbie question: Any quick visual unique identifier for a battery pack?

Thu Mar 29, 2018 9:08 am

pyromancy5 wrote:
jake14mw wrote:
All4Leaf wrote:Hi,

I am relatively newbie to this forum - so kindly let me know if I should post this question elsewhere.

I am trying to find out if every Nissan Leaf battery pack has some sort of unique identifier (think like VIN but for battery pack).

I got a letter from Nissan about some recalls - just want to make sure that when I give my Leaf to the dealership it comes back with its original battery pack untouched.

I know I am being a bit paranoid :oops: but like I said, newbie question - please bear with me.


P.S. The recalls are about the front passenger airbag deployment and air conditioning system line.

What year Leaf has these recalls?

I have no recalls open, but you can check here:


Thanks very much. There were recalls for my 2014 SL, but when I put in my VIN, it lists nothing. I assume that means that the recall work was already performed on my car before I bought it used.

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