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No SD card in the left-side "A" slot (SOLVED!)

Fri Jul 13, 2018 3:17 pm

A few days ago I started a thread here called "Thinking of buying a Leaf with no SD card" and you guys cleared my confusion. Thanks!

After thinking about this thread I figured the title alone of the original post might be overlooked by anyone who might have the same confusion I had, so I think the title of this post describes the situation a little better.

See, I'd read and heard in numerous places to not buy a Leaf without an SD card. Then when I went to look at a Leaf for the first time I noticed there were 2 slots for SD cards, not just one. Now I was confused. What if you needed 2 and one was missing?

My question was answered and my mind was put at ease by the readers here in that thread, so if you have any confusion about this go check out that thread and hopefully feel better.

No replies here needed!

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