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New leaf owner saying hello

Sat Sep 29, 2018 6:54 pm


I bought a 65 plate (UK) leaf tekna last week at auction. It was previously a mobility car and did 21k.

Regrettably the auction house lost the sd card. I had no idea how important they are. I've had to pay £360 for one to be produced and sent over from clarion in Japan. I was told by the guy at Nissan that this took 3 month last time he ordered one. (a while ago) I'm hoping it comes sooner as I can't use any of the cars features without it. I assumed it was just for the sat nav.

I used the trickle charge (granny) cable for the first time the other evening. I'd seen youtube videos stating this takes 24 hours and 12 hours from empty.. To my surprise it only took 6 hours.. Is it different for different countries? Why would it charge so quickly?

Also.. Took the car to lidl and the chademo charger failed to charge first few times. It stated "turn car off and try again" or something similar.. Don't know if I was at fault or the charging station.

Switching to electric seems to have a steep learning curve. Hope to get some answers on here.



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Re: New leaf owner saying hello

Sat Sep 29, 2018 7:14 pm

The longer reported charge times are probably for USA 115V charging which maxes at 1500 watts whereas you would see Closer to 3000 watts on a 230V 12A charging setup in UK.

Also perhaps if the battery is badly degraded it won't take as much kwh so it charges "faster" because it now holds less capacity but until you get that working SD card it will be hard to tell unless you have an EVSE that meters & reports the kwh provided for each charge.
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