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Re: A question from the Hudson Valley, New York

Tue Oct 18, 2011 1:59 pm

dtomko wrote:My only concern about work is having the charging stations occupied, but I usually get in early enough, I suspect, to grab the morning shift.

As of now there aren't any other charging stations in place; however, there is a Nissan dealer about 5 miles before work.

Plan B is to take the Sentra!
If people are reasonable, using the chargers at work shouldn't be a problem. Invite all of the users of the EV chargers at work out to lunch. Briefly outline what each of you needs to charge - or if you need to charge at work at all. Swap contact information - Names, work phone, cell phones, license plate numbers or some other way to identify which car belongs to whom. Then you can work out a loose schedule - Sally get's here first, so she'll charge typically from 8am - 1pm and she can park her car in a non-EV charger space after lunch. I'll charge from 1pm to 5pm. Etc... Really should be pretty easy to make sure everyone gets the charge they need - and the benefit of everyone participating, is that if anyone's plans change, you all know each other and can make a friendly call to each other to swap out EVs at the charging spaces.

Enjoy! LEAFing is a wonderful new experience. A very nice, clean, smooth, quiet, predictable driving experience and you'll meet all kinds of great people in the process!
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