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Study: On Average, EV Fuel Costs Are Less Than Half Compared to Gas Cars

Fri Jan 12, 2018 4:50 pm

Guy [I have lots of experience designing/selling off-grid AE systems, some using EVs but don't own one. Local trips are by foot, bike and/or rapid transit].

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Re: Study: On Average, EV Fuel Costs Are Less Than Half Compared to Gas Cars

Sat Jan 13, 2018 12:55 am

Good article.

One thing that is often missed when doing this type of calculation is that homeowners can cap their electricity cost by installing photovoltaics. The article says:
PlugInCars wrote:What does that look like if you are paying $3.30 at the pumps, as they do in Hawaii? Driving the same distance of 11,443 miles costs $1,509—compared to $1,106 for driving an EV in the Aloha State. That makes Hawaii the least advantageous state for driving an EV from a fuel-cost perspective.
While this is true, a homeowner who already has PV will have drastically-lower electricity rates than the $0.45/kWh that is typical there. And even though net metering is no longer available in Hawaii, those who have their BEV home during the daytime can use it to capture excess PV production. Otherwise, other battery solutions may be needed. Even then, the electricity costs can by lower than with the utility in HI, even with today's technology.

Simply put, PV caps electricity and hence BEV fuel rates for homeowners.
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