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Re: Business model of the NOT "free...forever" Tesla DC network

Tue Oct 17, 2017 11:04 am

yay, u win! great job. sorry about your loss(es). Keep trying. It's almost working. I'd hate to see who you call an idiot that is doing more than Elon. Really. go ahead. Remember he's landing rockets on barges, setting up clean power storage, and getting us to sustainable transportation. Yeah. that CERTAINLY is an idiot. Thanks for playing. next.
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Re: Business model of the NOT "free...forever" Tesla DC network

Tue Oct 17, 2017 6:47 pm

Tesla Model 3 doesn’t come with free Supercharger credits like Model S and Model X

Tesla had already confirmed that Model 3 owners wouldn’t have free unlimited access to its Supercharger network like Model S and Model X owners who bought their vehicles using Tesla’s referral program. They said that Model 3 would fall under its pay-per-use Supercharger model, but it wasn’t clear, at least to us, if the Model 3 would come with free “Supercharger credits.”

The answer is no...

Tesla confirmed to Electrek that they are indeed not giving Supercharger Credit with the Model 3.

It actually goes against what Tesla CEO Elon Musk said last year... ... -charging/

Of course, the free Supercharging model was never sustainable in the first place, but it’s clearer than ever now with Model 3, which is expected to hit the streets in higher volume than Model S and Model X... ... r-credits/

edatoakrun wrote: OP, Fri Apr 17, 2015 ...It seems to me that the only way it could work (and quite improbably, at that) is if the future purchasers of the "$50k car" (if and when they are sold) would be willing to subsidize the charging costs for those "people who can afford a $100k car" in the present...

And soon we'll see how well this scheme works...
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