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Re: Nissan corporate news

Sat Aug 05, 2017 2:26 pm

Nissan workers reject United Auto Workers in Mississippi ... 18749.html
Representatives of Nissan Motor Co. and the UAW said late Friday that 2,244 workers, or 62 percent, voted against the UAW, while 1,307, or 38 percent, favored the union.
The UAW has never fully organized an international automaker in the traditionally anti-union South, although it did persuade some maintenance workers to join at a Volkswagen AG plant in Tennessee. The UAW's lack of influence among southern auto workers has reduced its bargaining power when Detroit automakers lose market share and close plants. After pouring resources into the organizing drive at Nissan, this loss could leave UAW leaders with tough decisions.
Workers at Nissan's plant in Smyrna, Tennessee, voted against UAW representation in 1989 and 2001, but this was the first election at the Mississippi plant. The UAW also lost a 2014 vote among all workers at Volkswagen in 2014 before winning a second vote among 160 maintenance workers.

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Re: Nissan corporate news

Tue Aug 22, 2017 6:16 pm

I guess we'll only know if Nissan's explanation about it's divestment of battery production below is true, if and when another BEV manufacture orders batteries for their vehicles from the former AESC plant in Smyrna...

What does Nissan's exit from battery business mean?

Implications for next-gen Leaf, and other automakers

Nissan announced this month that it will sell its ownership interest in its battery venture, Automotive Energy Supply Corp., to a Chinese private investment group, GSR Capital. The price was undisclosed, but Bloomberg had reported that acquiring the business would cost $1 billion.

The sale comes as Nissan prepares to introduce the redesigned 2018 Leaf EV...

GSR will receive the venture's two manufacturing plants in Smyrna, Tenn., and Sunderland, England, as well as Nissan's Japanese battery development and engineering operations in Oppama, Atsugi and Zama, Japan — all subject to regulatory approval.

On the surface, GSR's acquisition creates a potentially awkward supply chain reality for Nissan. It will have an outside party producing a core component in a plant on Nissan's property in Smyrna that is integrated into Nissan's adjacent vehicle assembly line.

But by handing over its battery production to an outside supplier, Nissan is freeing up one of the most integrated EV battery production plants on the continent to supply other automakers.

"This will enable GSR to grow its business and look for other opportunities," said Nissan North America spokesman Brian Brockman. "It will give them the scale to further develop their batteries and look for other opportunities."

As the industry moves deeper into electrified vehicle plans, GSR will emerge as a large-capacity battery maker with available North American capacity... ... iness-mean
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