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Critics Weigh In: Tesla’s Australian ESS Apparently More Costly Than Diesel Generators

Tue Jul 11, 2017 5:24 pm

Via IEVS: ... enerators/

. . . More generators still need to be installed to compensate for shortfall of the battery storage system, as the capacity of the Tesla system (as large as it is, at 100 MW) is still inefficient to cover all the projected demand needs. In 2018 a 200 MW diesel generator will be added, then eventually a 250 MW gas generator.

Via Bloomberg:

    “The consultancy estimates the fixed cost of batteries in 2017 at $81 a megawatt-hour compared with fixed costs of $9 a megawatt-hour for an open cycle gas plant. The charging cost for batteries is estimated at $57 a megawatt-hour compared with the cheapest gas seen at about $59 a megawatt-hour. By 2025 gas could be more expensive than batteries given the rising cost of the fuel.”
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