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Re: Plan to set SF parking rates based on demand is approved

Fri Dec 15, 2017 4:39 pm

RonDawg wrote:
GRA wrote:There's no question that the abuse of handicapped placards is a scandal, but it's state-wide. I tend to hit the speed dial for the police anytime I see someone who obviously isn't disabled parking in a handicapped spot and sauntering away, having had to deal with this when my dad was in his '80s and still driving himself, as he had mobility limitations and needed those spaces. Noises are occasionally made about cracking down, and it finally seems like something's going to happen.

Keep in mind that while the police can verify that the handicap-tag-holder is either in the car, was just dropped off, or is about to picked up, a big amount of handicap-tag fraud is perpetuated at the physician's level with fraudulent applications to the DMV. Someone who doesn't look "obviously disabled" to the layperson, but has a valid handicap tag issued to them, can park in a handicap spot and nobody can do a thing about it, not even the police.

Sure, but we can at least eliminate the obvious fakes, and of course we need to go after any doctors who practice this sort of thing as well. But to me, checking tags and verifying who's using them is no different than being carded at a bar if you look like you're under 30. Given the level of the fines plus the possibility of towing, word gets around pretty quickly, eliminating much of the incentive for casual violators, as with HOV lanes. It can only be an improvement compared to the situation now, which is essentially no enforcement.

RonDawg wrote:Also keep in mind that my father, who will be turning 90 soon, has a handicap placard but if you watched him get out of my car you'd think he was 25 years younger. And he can walk with that kind of energy, but only in short bursts. He still qualifies for the placard. So you have to be careful with appearances as well.

I assume that the police can exercise common sense, just as I can. If someone's a senior I'm not going to drop a dime on them regardless. Well, maybe if they're wearing a Marathon competitor's number and have just finished the race, but I think anyone who can do that (at any age) is more likely to revel in their ability to move under their own power.
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