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Re: Plug-In Hybrid Car Sales Grow In France, All-Electric Decreases

Mon Apr 16, 2018 10:32 pm

powersurge wrote: I wonder how many people on this Leaf forum started with hybrids before they took the plunge to the Leaf??

Guilty as charged. Our first toe in the water was a 2008 Highlander Hybrid.

After that experience, I was much more open to the Leaf and the Clarity PHEV.

Interesting idea of having all new cars be either BEV, PHEV or at minimum old-fashioned Hybrid. I can see that being effective, though legally impractical in the U.S. anyway. China and Europe have much better prospects for doing something like that. Perhaps implement the concept for vehicles with an MSRP over $30k. Hybrid does add cost to the purchase; but by only requiring on higher end models, the argument that it would unduly burden those who can't afford it becomes rather moot. Also, when it is a standard feature on the more desirable models, it will become a more popular option on the more affordable models.
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Re: Plug-In Hybrid Car Sales Grow In France, All-Electric Decreases

Mon Apr 16, 2018 11:15 pm

Weak hybrids with just engine stop when vehicle stopped is cheap, and helps with larger vehicles.

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Re: Plug-In Hybrid Car Sales Grow In France, All-Electric Decreases

Tue Apr 17, 2018 6:08 pm

If hybrid AWD CUVs had been available when I bought my current car (Jan. 2003) and they were significantly more efficient than it is while meeting my other requirements and being within my price range, I would have bought one. As it was, the Escape Hybrid only appeared in the 2005 model year and got 1 mpg less Hwy than my Forester (26 vs. 27), and while it was more efficient around town (26 vs. 21) that's of little concern to me as I do so little local driving. That it also had worse performance than my Forester, especially at altitude, would have likely ruled it out in any case. The 2nd gen hybrid Escape would have been more powerful and also got better mileage (34 City/31 Hwy), so that might have been acceptable depending on price and other features. If I were looking now it would be a choice between the RAV4 and CRV hybrids and the Outlander PHEV, but I'd try and wait to see what PHEV CUV Subaru's going to come out with later this year.

As I don't need to buy a car now, I'll wait until someone makes a ZEV that meets my requirements (including charging/fueling infrastructure).
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