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GCR: Washington State electric car credits expire, agencies miss mandates

Sun Jun 03, 2018 4:20 pm

On the same day that Washington State's electric-car tax exemptions expired on June 1, an advocacy organization issued a report that said state agencies have done very little to meet a deadline to buy electric cars.

The state passed a law in 2007 requiring that all public agencies meet 100 percent of their transportation needs with electricity or biofuel by June 1, 2018. Yet less than 1 percent of the 30,000 vehicles owned by the state are electric vehicles.

Only four of 31 local government entities surveyed by Coltura, a Seattle-based non-profit, have plans to switch to electric cars. . . .

Coltura found that few fleet managers and state leaders are even aware of the law and that the state Department of Commerce has not enforced legally mandated reporting on the progress toward buying electric vehicles. . . .

Seattle owns the most electric cars of the Washington cities that Coltura surveyed, with 178 electric vehicles, out of a fleet of 3,410. Several of the cities Coltura surveyed have none. . . .

At the same time, Washington State legislators failed to renew a law that exempted purchases of electric cars up to $42,500. The state had issued 7,500 such tax exemptions over two years, but the program ran out of money. Several bills to renew it didn't pass.

California and neighboring Oregon have become primary markets for electric cars in the United States with required sales targets. Washington, while part of the West Coast Electric Highway network of charging stations, has been much slower to adopt electric vehicles, and without tax incentives, its efforts may slow further.
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