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GCC: California ARB developing Clean Miles Standard for ridesharing companies

Thu Jan 31, 2019 4:19 pm

. . . SB 1014 requires CARB to establish by 1 January 2020, a GHG emission baseline for TNCs [Transportation Network Companies] on a per-passenger-mile basis. This bill requires CARB to adopt and set annual GHG reduction requirements on TNC companies by 1 January 2021. TNCs are to develop and to submit a GHG emission reduction plan beginning 1 January 2022 and every two years thereafter, to meet the GHG reduction requirements, with compliance beginning in 2023 with CPUC implementation.

On 22 February, CARB is holding a public workshop to disclose its plans for developing the Clean Miles Standard. As directed in Senate Bill 1014 (SB 1014, 2018), emission reductions will be measured on a grams-CO2-per-passenger-mile-traveled (gCO2/PMT) basis.

Additional provisions for encouraging zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) miles, active transport modes, and linking to transit will be included in the new regulation. At this workshop, staff will provide information on SB 1014; update stakeholders on the process for developing baseline emissions for the current TNC operators in California; and provide information on the regulatory process.

Additional workshops will be held throughout the development of this regulation to facilitate relevant discussions with stakeholders and gather input leading to the Clean Miles Standard regulatory proposal. . . .
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