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Re: Clicking noise during acceleration and decceleration

Tue Sep 12, 2017 1:14 pm

My 2015 Leaf started a clicking noise when I was at a stop and put foot on the speed pedal. I also heard it after releasing the pedal. I thought I would not be covered under warranty as I have 41k miles on a car I have owned new for 2.5 years.
But I checked this site and saw it could be covered under the 6 yr/60k drive-train warranty.
I called Nissan Customer Service to confirm re having my car greased that it would be covered. They would not confirm so I took to my local dealer.
Dealer would not confirm until they looked at it. If i decided not to fix it, then $150 inspection fee, otherwise if not covered under warranty that price will be included.
I got a call from my service advisor who said I need a new front axle and that it would be covered under warranty. I would have to bring car back as they had to order the part. I was told if I just had it greased, it would NOT be covered under warranty and have to pay about $250.
I guess I should not look at a gift horse in the mouth or however the saying goes. Funny thing, I picked up the car expecting to return the next day for the axle install and my car NO longer had the clicking noise. I guess they greased ti anyway! I could call them to say no longer noise but I know they will want me to pay the $150 diagnosis fee.
FYI for all of you out there.
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