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Re: Clicking noise during acceleration and decceleration

Mon May 14, 2018 9:42 am

Another data point:

My 2014 Leaf SV, 45k miles, developed this clicking when accelerating and slowing about 2 months ago. Temps are warming up a bit here in OR so driving around with windows down proved too much clicking to be heard! Called Kiefer Nissan in Corvallis. Scheduled an appointment.

Short version (4 1/2 hours later, they also updated two unrelated software things): Axle nut(s) on both front axles were loose. NEW torque spec fixed my clicking. Tech told me the new spec (200 Nm, 147 ft-lbs) is needed for ALL Nissans with these same axles (Leaf, Juke, Sentra). old spec (125 Nm, 92 ft-lbs) allows for too much play and eventually the clicking ensues. 120 buck diagnose fee reduced to $60 labor only. I am pretty happy. They did a great job explaining.

Hope this helps. Ask any questions you may have.

I did the best homework I could thru the interwebs and put together a word doc to show the service person and tech person. TSB ntb12-055 did not apply to my VIN range. peculiar but I guess not unheard of to have similar problem traits as others, yet not be included in a service bulletin. No grease was used.

We shall see how this works long term and will try to re-post in a few months. Thanks to all who support and post to this great forum!
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Re: Clicking noise during acceleration and decceleration

Mon May 14, 2018 10:16 am


I've heard a clicking sound since December, they did the service bulletin (ntb12-055) twice. Dealer kept the car overnight to no avail.

I've taken my 2013 Nissan LEAF three times to El Monte Nissan, they told me to ask for a service tech to come, Tim. They didn't have the scope (chasis ears) to figure out what it is. Tim couldn't determine what it is.

I need to find a Nissan Dealer in Southern California that actually knows how to diagnosis the problem. I had a bad experience with Nissan Alhambra and Ross/El Monte. ANY Suggestions would be great---If anyone know a good place to take a Nissan LEAF SV for repair please let me know.

You are welcome to contact me directly at 626 921-6497.
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