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Re: Disable The Cellular Radio

Sun Mar 06, 2016 1:42 pm

TomT wrote:Clearly there is no lack of paranoia among Leaf owners... :lol:

So do you wear an armadillo hat or tin foil?.... :lol:
good news, a cell phone turned off or on has WA-GPS your being tracked, a great safety feature brought to you by the FCC in know for safety reasons...

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Re: Disable The Cellular Radio

Mon Mar 07, 2016 6:05 am

jmh wrote:Thank you for the replies. I have pasted the following from the manual:

Note, turning off “Vehicle
Information Sharing with NISSAN” will only
disable the automatic sharing of information at
vehicle start-up. Certain categories of data may5. NissanConnect SM EV
still be transmitted if vehicle telematics features

Now I am sure that the first thing I did when I read the previous paragraph was turn this off - but I'm pretty sure this was prior to getting weather alerts, which indicates to me that:
1) The device is still on.
2) My position is being tracked (as the helpful alert was regional - I also don't need this in a car I only drive 50 miles from home).

The TCU antenna is installed inside
the upper central part of the instru-
ment panel. An occupant should not
get any closer to the antenna than
specified by the pacemaker manu-5. NissanConnect SM EV
facturer. The radio waves from the
TCU antenna may adversely affect the
operation of the pacemaker while
using the NissanConnect SM EV.
Radio waves could adversely affect
electric medical equipment. Those
who use a pacemaker should contact
the electric medical equipment man-
ufacturer regarding the possible in-
fluences before use.

The previous block is also from the manual. This tells me that EM is not restricted to outside the vehicle. It also woke another thought and that is those who have disconnected the antenna (which is designed to radiate more in certain directions than other - upward?) may be subjecting themselves to more EM inside the cabin.

Anyway I agree that eliminating this spying is next to impossible - but there are lots of reason's to oppose it. Foremost, is it wrong - or perhaps your wife works as a police analyst and is now able track you to your girlfriend's house. I admit this is a bad example, because you are going to get caught anyway - but should your leaf be the one who screws you over?

The only thing that block from the manual says to me is that Nissan's lawyers got something put in there to make sure if anything happened it was on the maker of the pacemaker or the owners choice. I bet if you contact your pacemaker manufacturer they will tell you to contact Nissan or just say "then don't drive the car".

Just make sure you get a girlfriend who lives near a public EVSE, drive the leaf till near dead, park it to charge and voila. You have a reason to be in that area for 2 hours. In this case your leaf can help you out LOL. But if you want to avoid being tracked don't get married and don't have a gf either. Tin foil hats can help with both of those too.

jmh wrote:To continue, I would think the most useful feature of the cellular is to unlock the car when you lose the fob - I would be rather surprised if this is not functional. Just for laughs I'll put that idea together with the recent hack. The best thing that could happen is that they steal the cellular radio - but maybe they would leave that and take the car. The real question is does the vulnerability expose any functions critical to the operation of the car?

I don't know what features are accessible through this system - but I doubt it is limited to simply controlling the heat. In light of the lax security in this implementation, until these questions are answered, there are a lot more reasons for me to completely disable this 'feature'.

Is that being paranoid - or practical?

As far as I know there is no feature to unlock the car, it was never available so it was probably never built in. Those automakers that have this feature usually advertise it so if this system could do it then I bet that they would. Also I suspect that this hack was so easy because the system is isolated. If the system was more complex and had more access they probably would have spent more time/money on security for it.
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Re: Disable The Cellular Radio

Mon Mar 07, 2016 8:15 am

As far as I know there is no feature to unlock the car, it was never available so it was probably never built in.

Yup, not a feature with the Leaf telematics. The modules that control locking/unlocking are on the "car CAN" bus anyway, and can't talk to the telematics module which is on the "EV CAN" bus without the VCM relaying the communication which is more or less hard coded for only specific modules (shifter, battery SOC, diagnostic dtc data, etc). The telematics module can only request status, turn on/off climate control, and start charging (if connected to an EVSE).

Nissan does get battery usage data if you hit ok. But considering how little improvement the 2015 packs are... I suspect they aren't making much use of it! ;)
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Re: Disable The Cellular Radio

Thu Mar 17, 2016 10:01 am

would there be a way to have a startup job to delete all data from the nav.. i see there is an option to deleted stored data.. also would this delete be just local or is it done at the remote system @ nissan? I am thinking maybe the SD card can have some script on it?

I dont like under the TOS that they would collect driving habits and charging habits.. really not sure why they would want to collect this .. doesnt make a difference to me as such but just sounds "strange" ..

as for being tracked.. with the range of the leaf LOL ...

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Re: Disable The Cellular Radio

Wed Mar 23, 2016 4:32 am

In a related question, with the telematics module unplugged, I am still getting alerts on the radio like 'there is a weather alert 50 miles from your current position'. Does the radio (or something else) do 2 way communications - or is this from a onboard calculation from gps position & auxiliary sxm or gps datastream?

I find this annoying and another 'feature' I would like to disable (I don't remember seeing an alert for >50 miles - in this car, that would really be a rub).

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Re: Disable The Cellular Radio

Mon Jun 05, 2017 12:34 pm

TCU RadioWaveOn

Code: Select all

746 02 10 c0
746 03 3B 04 01
746 02 10 81

TCU RadioWaveOff

Code: Select all

746 02 10 c0
746 03 3B 04 00
746 02 10 81

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Re: Disable The Cellular Radio

Tue Jun 06, 2017 12:30 pm

Enjoyed reading this thread... A true story for what it is worth...

A LEO neighbor found sunglasses in his backyard, reviewed his CCTV cameras, had a good face shot, and documented bizarre behavior. His key contact in the FBI had a match, name, address, etc., using only the photo in a few hours; after a few weak denial attempts, the guy under interview with detectives, admitted to being high as an explanation of the behavior and agreed to make financial amends...and he doesn't know it, but he is also being tracked, and is under surveillance as some of you have described...

The point is with a simple good face shot, the guy, with no prior criminal activity, was ID' LEAFers, don't do weird stuff to the wrong guy... :o

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