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Re: how is cooling air ducted around the leafs battery; ideas for augmented cooling

Sat Dec 03, 2016 3:23 pm

Brenthasty wrote:to reduce the hot airflow warming your battery on hot days, make some simple foam plugs that can partially block the grille. leave yourself about a 1' gap in the middle for the airflow to the cabin AC

Could you post a photo of this on a Leaf? I'm trying to visualise what it might look like but unless the foam is painted the same color as the car I'd have to think it might stick out like a sore thumb. Are you using white flexible closed cell foam? I can't imagine one would want open cell foam or even the white or pink rigid foam, but I don't know.
Note my state licence plate covers the top half of about the center 1' of the opening I believe your talking about, would it still be sufficient to just leave that foot open or might I need more because of the licence plate?
Lastly, I plan on using this more to keep out the 0F air when it gets cold(like people do with cardboard on a ICE vehicle) but are you saying it's OK to leave this on in the hot? I'd think doing so may block the needed air for the air conditioner......do you simply not use the A/C when it gets hot?

One more question, if this air duct is for both cooling the battery and cooling the A/C condenser, I'd have to believe running the A/C in the summer would greatly heat the air that later cools the battery, I know holding your hand behind a radiator/condenser coil on a ICE car results in very hot air. Now maybe most of this is from the radiator but I'd have to believe some is also from the A/C condenser.....talk about a poor design, cool the cabin and warm the battery even more than it might normally be :?
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Re: how is cooling air ducted around the leafs battery; ideas for augmented cooling

Sun Dec 04, 2016 9:03 pm

Most of the heat under the hood in an ICE vehicle comes from waste engine and exhaust heat. I can hold my hand on anything under the hood of the LEAF after running the A/C in traffic in Phoenix on a summer afternoon.

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