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Re: Charging batteries at home.. HEAVY DRAIN!

Mon May 24, 2010 11:28 am

worldcitizenUSA wrote:Here's a headscratcher. In Texas, the more electricity you use the LOWER the price per kWh.
Average Monthly Usage vs Price per kWh:
500 kWh = 10.4¢
1000 kWh = 9.60¢
2000 kWh = 9.20¢

In deregulated areas, most of us pay a flat rate plus a monthly service fee. Unfortunately, deregulation has driven prices up and turned ordinary consumers into energy speculators (by forcing folks into buying long-term rate plans if they want a decent rate.) :evil:

I'm currently paying $0.134/kWh, and my contract is up in September. I may switch early and pay the $200 fee to escape my contract.
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Re: Charging batteries at home.. HEAVY DRAIN!

Mon May 24, 2010 11:32 am

It's even worse than that, in Massachusetts, our energy generation is billed separatly from energy delivery & transport, so your local utility bills you for the delivery & transport, while you probably have a 3rd party who is supplying the power. all I know is, I now pay on average of .15 / KW overall, and each month it keeps going up, as the transport & delivery charges keep rising, even though I am contracted for generation @ .08108 / KW

so the delivery and transport costs almost as much as the generation here...

We can all thank "enron" for this situation :(
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