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Re: lost one bar of charge capacity

Thu Aug 28, 2014 12:51 pm

WichitaKS wrote:
kubel wrote:
WichitaKS wrote:My 2012 Nissan leaf has reported to me this morning it has lost one bar, giving me only 11 bars. I was wondering if it was normal? The car is 21 months old, has 13,000 miles, is always charged only to 80% at night and rarely driven to the point of going below 40% charge, it has been charged to 100% only 8 times, and only 5 times did it go down to 2 bars in the red. In addition to this it is stored in a partially heated and air conditioned garage.

It probably sat at 100%.

My LEAF baked in the summer (we had an extremely hot summer in 2013- no garage storage), during the winter I charged to 100% every night, and I drive it like I stole it. I lost my first bar at 27 months, 31,000 miles.

The summer that was only a few months before I bought the Leaf was 45 days about 100 F and never below 85, plus 18 of those days were above 110 F, the host summer on record in Wichita. Clearly my car was on the lot during that summer.

Yeah, unfortunately I think you're experience is about right. I got my 2012 Leaf June, 22, 2012 in KC. It was an order from Japan so it only sat on dealer lot a couple of days. They had 0 stock. I just lost my first bar last Friday. 26 months, 27,000 miles. Summer of 2012 put a serious dent into the capacity of the midwest batteries I think. No one else has reported a bar down up here yet but I expect them to any day now. Last summer was much better from a temp standpoint and this week has been the only week the battery didn't cool off down to 5 temp bars over night in the garage. Heck, much of this summer it didn't rise out of 5 temp bars even with the ambient air in the 80's.

Tom in KS
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Re: lost one bar of charge capacity

Thu Aug 28, 2014 1:10 pm

Time seems to be the most important factor after climate. I run it down to VLB every weekday, and charge to 100% every night. I lost my first bar after 28 months, but I had 42,000 miles.
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Re: lost one bar of charge capacity

Wed Feb 15, 2017 10:06 am

I lost a 2nd bar at the start of winter in Nov. 2016 at 29,000 miles , and the 3rd bar this morning at 32,000 miles.

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