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Re: Humming/whirring noise while charging at Level II

Sun Apr 09, 2017 3:10 pm

palmermd wrote:
cliff wrote:
palmermd wrote:I'm guessing this is the part.... 215813NA0A

I also think that looks like water pump 1, but can not confirm.
Since you say your pump does not make noise, and you did not
mention further diagnostics after viewing the DTC, thought I would
mention steps from the service manual:
1st it says make sure 12 volt battery reads above 11 volts with car off.
Make sure this is the only DTC seen
(it is the value seen by the VCM that causes this DTC).
check fuse 71, which is in the box behind the battery, middle column, bottom
fuse(next fuse up is for water pump 2).
Check the voltage at pin 1 of water pump for 12 volts.

Note: pin 4 is the control pwm in, and pin 3 the out pwm.
I believe that not matching is what causes the DTC.

Though there is a mistake in the service manual here, where
they describe what the pwm signal should look like. On the VCM
pins they describe both in, and out as in, and show the same signal
picture, so hard to tell if they should look alike.

Awesome! I'll dig in this weekend and report back here what is discovered.

Voltage is good, fuses are good, power to pump is good. That is as much as I can do, so it appears that it is a bad pump. it does not turn on with the charger nor when the car is turned on. I can hear the other pump which is somewhere on the other side of the car under the battery. it turns on when charging and also when the car is running. There is definitely circulation in both cases as I can see activity with the reservoir. I'm off to order the pump mentioned above. It looks like the correct one and in the correct location in the diagrams. I'll take a chance and see what happens.

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Re: Humming/whirring noise while charging at Level II

Wed May 10, 2017 11:10 am

FYI I found another water pump on a little cheaper at $215

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