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Re: Altered capacity bar thresholds?

Tue Jul 25, 2017 9:48 am

mwbushroe1 wrote:I have been having trouble nailing down exactly what my warranty is. When I switched from 36 month lease to another 60 months purchase, the only pamphlet I got was for the Platinum level used car coverage, which specifically excludes "Hybrid/High voltage/Lithium battery pack. So the actual warranty on the traction battery must be somewhere else. I kept asking t the dealership for copy of my coverage but never got one. I wonder if I can get something directly from Nissan headquarters?

Search ... ooklet.pdf for capacity.

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Re: Altered capacity bar thresholds?

Wed Jul 26, 2017 12:43 pm

cwerdna Thanks for the link. Sorry that you had to go to the trouble of finding what I should have found myself. I found the owner's manual, but somehow missed the separate document covering the warranty. Probably at the time I didn't think they would split it into two separate documents and stopped looking after I found the owner's manual.

rosier9 My "guess-o-meter" is about 30% off at full charge, dives quickly to part way correct at about 70% charge and then slowly converges with reality as you approach zero charge. No, I did not use that in my calculations, and I was very disappointed that the Nissan dealership did use that to say my battery was fine.

I did all my calculations based on trip odometer miles divided by 1 minus the remaining charge as a fraction, and ran down to 30-35% to minimize the extrapolation. I have only analyzed 3 trips that went down that far and got extrapolated total ranges of 52.46, 55.45, and 62.17 miles (100% to 0%). The guess-o-meter predicted 82 and 77 at 100% charge for the same trips. I don't know why the first run got the anomalous 62 miles. Maybe after driving and analyzing a few more runs the data will either show a spread of ranges between 52 and 62, or that most cluster in the mid 50s and the 62 really is anomalous.

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