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Re: 2014 Battery Stats

Thu Mar 01, 2018 9:21 am

22 Feb 2018. 2014SL. ~49000km. 100 SOH, 97.77 HX. 24 QC and 2111 L1/L2. Montreal, QC.

We got the car in late 2017 and SOH was 94%. Previous owner did mostly L2 charging. A few things that happened after getting it:

1.) we took a deep discharge until --- the first day we got it, not intentionally.
2.) the car is parked outside, and we've had some really cold days this winter (nearly a week straight of -16C or lower, hitting -25 a few times)
3.) mostly L2 charging and keeping the SOC between 20% and 80%, topping up to 100% once a week or two for a full balance.

Not sure which of the above, if any, had an effect on the rising SOH.

Will see how the health is after this summer.
2014 SL

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