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New Traction Battery

Sun Apr 09, 2017 7:19 pm

Updated my signature below with the new stats from LeafSpy.

Interesting how the AHr increased just from using the battery.

I'll add that when I picked up the car, assuming the dealer fully charged it, LeafSpy showed 21.6kwh of energy on the first page of the App.

Range is great, and I got all my regen back!

Comments welcome.
2012 Nissan Leaf SL (used)
Mfg Date: Aug 2012
In-Service date: Mar 2013
8/17/16: AHr= 44.75; SOH=68%; Hx=47.29%;
1/5/17: AHr= 41.89; SOH=63%; Hx=42.60%;
1/7/17: AHr= 63.80; SOH=100%; Hx=100%;
1/9/17: AHr= 66.14; SOH=100%; Hx=99.66%;

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