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Re: How hard is Georgia on batteries?

Mon May 22, 2017 8:54 am

BuckMkII wrote:
SageBrush wrote:
BuckMkII wrote:The 2014 full capacity is 24 kWH, right?

2- 3 kWh are reserved by Nissan. A new battery at 100% would be about 21 kWh


Still not sure what to set as my thresholds to pass on the car. Does SOH > 91 or capacity > 19.3 kWh seem reasonable or unrealistically stringent? The car in this post has a similar history (but is a 2015) and a much lower SOH (87%, probably due to QC usage?) I was a little surprised by that number.

This is the car I'm looking at, btw.

Whereabouts in Colorado do you live? I grew up in Littleton and lived in Boulder for eight years for college and my first job. Still a couple more years until I've lived half my life a mile below normal ground level!
Set a threshold by the following:

1. Needed range; figure out kwh by estimated kWh/mile. I used 4 miles/kWh. Weather can reduce battery range a lot, so be conservative here.
2. Anticipated loss over time in years
3. Useful range in years required
4. Cost
5. Fudge factor

As an example,
Our longest drives are ~ 60 flat miles (actually 45 miles with a climb)
I wanted the car to last at least 3 yrs, and figured up to 5% loss of range per year

1. 15 kWh
2. 15%
3. 15/0.85 = 17.6 kWh absolute minimum from the time I purchase. I shopped for at least 19 kWh but if a dirt cheap LEAF had fallen in my lap with 18 kWh I may have been tempted.
4. I paid $7,000 net, so I figured worse case is $200 a month -- but probably much better.

I had a lot of leeway and room for error because we have a second car with unlimited range that can always be used in a pinch (like in a snow-storm.) LEAF as a single car requires other considerations like public transport, rental, or L2/L3 availability away from home if the LEAF is not up to the trip.

We live in SW Colorado, near Mesa Verde

To be clear -- the calc to figure out usable kWh from a test drive is far from a perfect test; it is meant to give you confidence that the LeafSpy readings have not been tampered with by a reset from a shady dealer. If in doubt -- extend your test drive. The longer the drive, the more accurate the calc.
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Re: How hard is Georgia on batteries?

Wed May 24, 2017 6:21 am

My question from the beginning should have been "what are the median SOH and kWh values for 2013 and 2014 Leafs," but I wasn't clever enough to figure that out immediately! The bottom line is that a Leaf in good condition will be OK for us for quite a few years. I'd simply like to buy one with a battery that is no worse than average, so I'm not on the crappy side of the curve going forward.

Our range needs for the normal commute are so modest (15 miles RT to work + a bit extra to cover a small detour for an errand on the way home, so say 20 miles to low battery warning, or 30 to cover the extra 8 mile RT we do in the evening about 4 times a week, all on 30-35 mph surface streets with < about 350' elevation gain) that it's hard to take seriously. It seems to be impossible to predict how long until that becomes a problem.

I could figure based on two days of use, which would be an average of 50 miles with 500' of climbing, to allow for forgetting to recharge. Doing THAT from an 80% charge would start to be limiting within the foreseeable future, I guess.

Congrats on living in SW Colorado! Anything beyond Wolf Creek Pass always seemed like the back of beyond to me. We went to Mesa Verde only once, when I think I was about eight. Drove down to Durango to go mountain biking and watch the pros race there, once, and did Ride the Rockies starting there or nearby in 1991. Gorgeous country!
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Re: How hard is Georgia on batteries?

Wed May 24, 2017 6:24 am

I do not live in Georgia, but I do live in a climate that is very, very similar to Atlanta. I have a 2014 model that recently passed 30,000 miles. I've been recording my battery information here:


My car has a manufacture date of January 2014 and I bought it new in February 2015. Here is a comparison of readings from LeafSpy almost 1 year apart:

May 18, 2016 AHr=58.33 SOH = 89% 395.64V Hx=88.37 15,723 miles
May 15, 2017 AHr=57.83 SOH = 88% 383.34V Hx=87.30 30,328 miles 16 Qcs & 1,127 L1/L2s

Also, I have a normal daily commute of 54 miles round-trip and average about 4.8-5.2 miles per kWh

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