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Re: Cooling battery with home central air conditioner

Mon Jun 26, 2017 1:06 pm

BrockWI wrote:...if you just ducted you home A/C to the garage...then using that same inline duct booster and forcing more past the batteries wouldn't it be almost the same with less duct runs? ...In other words does forcing 50 cfm of air over the batteries for 12 hours get them to room temp?

It would not work the same. Right now I am pumping 62F air directly at the top cover of the battery pack. My garage ambient temp is 83F with 90F air outside. I would have to cool the entire garage down to 62F to get equivalent battery cooling effect. My entire house it at 77 - 79F. I do not think just blowing ambient air around the battery pack would be enough to be worth it. It would work if I did not drive it 60 miles almost every day. But just charging the battery raises it's temp by ~5F, then the drive by another ~10F. With just ambient air it would not have enough delta T to cool the battery cells to a meaningful result in 16 hours.

Stanton wrote:That all depends on your AHr reading: what is it?

I am now at 54.92 Ah, 86% SOH, 78.17% Hx, (33,202mi on 295B0-3NF9E battery).

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