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Re: Extremely frustrated with Nissan service and support

Wed Oct 25, 2017 11:47 am

FILLUPMYEV wrote:...I called (877) NO GAS EV this morning...

This issue alone is enough for me to be done with Nissan. I intend to sell off all 4 Leafs and move on.

I just needed to vent as I am extremely frustrated and spent all morning on the phone and NOTHING. ZERO. Time wasted......

The operators at (877) NO GAS EV (reportedly non-employees, and contracted out by Nissan, IIRC ) have been a constant annoyance of LEAF ownership for seven years now.

To date, my greatest complaint against Nissan remains the poor service I received before my LEAF was even delivered, which happened ~ six months after it was promised.

And if you think those operators are rude, and uninformed beyond the scripts they are reading from when you ask about getting a replacement for an eight-bar LEAF pack, just try calling about replacing your nine-bar pack, as I've been doing for the last few weeks...
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Re: Extremely frustrated with Nissan service and support

Wed Oct 25, 2017 12:03 pm

FILLUPMYEV wrote:... I am not blaming Nissan entirely for this issue. The warranty was indeed 5 days over when I phoned it in. I was frustrated with the issue because I felt like my 70 year old mother was taken advantage of since she is gullible and easy going. It could of just been an employee that was tired, lazy, careless, etc.. but whatever the case was, I still feel that it was the dealer that was wrong. ...

They were absolutely wrong. The problem of course is proving they were wrong. Without that, you're relying on the dealership manager's honor. And this IS a car dealership we're talking about... ;)

This happens at dealerships daily, and it surely isn't limited to Nissan dealerships. Nor is the manufacturer-dealership finger-pointing "can't do anything" dance.

If you made it clear that they were looking to lose 3 new car deals, the dealer is not only dishonest they're stupid.
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