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Someone unknown recharged his car and my EVgo account is charged

Mon Oct 30, 2017 9:42 am

Did this happened to you?

Someone unknown to me recharged his car and my EVgo account is charged.
I recharged at Evgo DCQC station at about 10am. Then at about 12pm, (yep, two hours later) someone recharged his car at the same location "used my EVGO card". $8+ is charged to my account for 18minutes DCQC. When I noticed the email from EVgo, I immediately checked my wallet, and my card is with me. My card is a Nissan NoChargeToCharge card. I called and Emailed EVgo immediately.

Here are some "findings" after called in, and exchanging emails with EVgo.
- EVgo is quite responsive, both on the phone and via email.
- EVgo keeps a log of when, where, which charge port, and payment type, and when card is swiped. In their record, that session was started with a "physical smart card". And card was swiped at 12:14, when the card is 2 miles away in my pocket.
- Nissan NCTC only applies to DCQC using a CHAdeMO port. The session was not free because the other guy was charging his car via a CCS. (so i know he is not having a Leaf :-P)
- So, in their record's point of view, a "parallel of me" swiped a "parallel of my NCTC card", and recharged a EV/PHEV belongs to "parallel of me". Apparently this "parallel me" is richer than me. ;)

From I can recall, the DCQC station screen was not responsive at the beginning. I am not sure whether i swiped my card once or twice. I am not sure if it is related.

Now I am trying the "suspend" function of the EVgo user portal.....

Share your experience if you have some funky experience with EVgo DCQC.

Have Fun.
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Re: Someone unknown recharged his car and my EVgo account is charged

Mon Oct 30, 2017 12:21 pm

I’ve seen a couple of comments on Plugshare of people who couldn’t start a QC session, called EVgo for help, and were told that the station was charging someone else, when no other car was plugged in. Evgo has issues.
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Re: Someone unknown recharged his car and my EVgo account is charged

Mon Oct 30, 2017 1:06 pm

Yeah, cloning an RFID or similar device is possible..
I've seen it done during a pen test we had at work. Very kual stuff.. Fits in a briefcase..

Did you see someone with a briefcase walk by you when you were there?? ;-)

Honestly tho, that's a lot of work to steal an EVGo charge ID.. ;-)

I think it's much more likely this was a glitch in the EVGo system....

Actually, doesn't CCS (and Chademo??? Not sure there) send a unique ID when it connects? If they save it, EVGo should be able to map it to the owner (if he's on their system, which is likely I think).

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