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Re: Extreme cold - drive battery appears dead - help

Tue Feb 06, 2018 10:10 pm

yukonleaf wrote:The day after ....
Well, it seems I was lucky. Checked out the Leaf after work today and still have my 11 capacity bars (91,000Km -but I think I got shafted with fake 12 bars when I bought the car in 2015 - had lost one bar about 20,000Km back).

Took it for a drive and that confirmed what I had expected in terms of endurance for this kind of temperature. Even got the battery to warm up to show one bar. It sure was a shock that I could not charge yesterday, but based on the comments, the likelihood that I swelled some cells I think is pretty limited.

Thanks again for all you guys' input, it is great to have so much help out there!

Glad your battery & charging system is working. I second the Leaf spy acquisition particularity if you are down 1 cap bar for monitoring bat temp and of course capacity etc . Sounds like the battery heaters do a pretty good job at those temps. Just a couple of questions:
What Km/kWh do you get under those conditions? (summer as well )
Do you carry a b/up generator if driving beyond range?
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Re: Extreme cold - drive battery appears dead - help

Wed Feb 07, 2018 7:37 am

Hi ElectricEddy:

Yes, will look into LeafSpy -
I have to get back to you on Km/KWh with exact numbers - I don't think it is much worse than in Summer - around 5-6 if I recall correctly. The secret is that I do not use the heat just dress warm plus seat heat and steering wheel heat and I warm the car up prior to departure, but that does not count in the KM/KWh calculation. There is a bit more drag in the bearings with stiffer grease and the winter tires have a bit more resistance. Other than that it's just a lot less battery capacity.
I only use the car to commute to work. 22km one way. I stop using the E-car and switch to a gas-burner below -20C as the battery capacity is just falling off a cliff below that temperature (and range bars do erratic things that scare the heck out of me like rapidly disappearing and then all of a sudden reappearing). Also, I am loosing a lot of battery just parking at work (cannot plug in) to the battery warmers. Typically I am down a bar for heating batteries during the day.

The thought of having backup power (generator) has occured but - I have a Syncro Vanagon TDI swap (bad press there ...) that gets me in the bush (paddling etc.) and a Volvo V70 that gets me to far places (if my daughter is not using it), so I decided against it. But, I drove the Leaf now for about 30,000 km just commuting to town during the past 3 years. So there is $4K savings in fuel, oil etc. and about 15,000 lbs CO2 that did not get emitted. :)

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