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Re: Three flashing blue lights, 3 beeps.

Tue Feb 13, 2018 1:57 pm

IIRC, the clunk occurs when I pull the handle out, not when I press the release catch. Pressing the catch doesn't break the connection: that happens when the pilot signal contact is broken by the plug being physically removed.
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Re: Three flashing blue lights, 3 beeps.

Wed Feb 14, 2018 12:10 pm

cwerdna wrote:
ebeighe wrote:... I've found that on properly working EVSEs (like Chargepoint CT4000 at work), if I press and hold the trigger for several seconds while the car is charging, that will trigger the beep-beep-beep...pause... beep-beep-beep... pause sequence w/the 3 blue lights flashing in unison and synchronized w/the beeping...

ah, i just realized this; and realized it was already mentioned on this thread, but i somehow missed it or just forgot; thanks cwerdna.

After ~ 3 seconds after the handle button is depressed, the car starts this triple beeping / triple blinking repeatedly as long as the handle remains inserted. (I don't see this in the Nissan documentation, or did I miss it?)
So in normal un-plugging operation, you'd push the button and pull out the handle all in one smooth motion. My trouble is my handle is "sticky" and possibly getting worse, so I'd press the button, start pulling, and need to reset my grip and plant my feet firmly in order to get some more leverage to pull out the handle... apparently it is now taking me 3 seconds to do so, triggering the beeping/flashing.
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