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Battery Technology Article, Li-On Critic

Sat May 08, 2010 6:51 am

The author has a financial interest in competing technologies, but an interesting article in some areas. ... sting.html
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Re: Battery Technology Article, Li-On Critic

Sat May 08, 2010 7:33 am

"Disclosure: Author is a former director of Axion Power International (AXPW.OB) and holds a substantial long position in its common stock"

Petersen is a shill for the Lead crowd. He hates the fact that Nissan, through it's 17 years of Lithium research and its partnering with NEC has managed to control the production costs and mfr process of their flat pack Lithium batteries, and they are giving Lead a run for it's money. It's pure sour grapes.

This link is from link above: ... o-produce/

"The Times Online claims that the LEAF battery pack costs about £6,000 British to build. At today’s exchange rates, this equates to roughly $9,000 US dollars. With a 24 kWh battery pack, that means that the battery costs $375 per kWh hour. To give you an idea of just how low this figure is, a few years ago prices of $1,000 per kWh were being bandied around. Today, the industry average is about $650 per kWh. Industry analysts have said that they expect battery prices to decline faster than previously thought, but that it would still likely be 2015/2016 before battery prices were $325 per kWh. If Nissan’s battery is being built for $375 per kWh now, that means Nissan is about 5 years ahead of the industry average."

and why can't they be 5 years ahead of the competition? Has the competition spent anywhere near the amount of money and time (17 years) on Lithium technology? I don't think so. I say congratulations to Nissan and they have been smart forming an aliance with NEC to mfr the batteries, how else could they control the costs? Nope, this is just smart business, and Nissan has the potential to eclipse Toyota and the Prius with this move, I say they deserve it.

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