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Re: is my breaker box to full?

Fri Sep 10, 2010 6:23 pm

My service panel was so full and far from the garage that I decided to install a new sub panel in the garage.

I did the work myself and this morning got the rough inspection. Didn't pass because of a minor violation with the RMC 90 degree angle I ran into the wall. Just need to put a box instead and run Romex instead of tubing...

Anyway : no problem with space. The new panel is empty :-)

Also the inspector gave some good tips about installing the charger. He told me to install a 40A 240V breaker and a 4x4 box next to the panel. Connect the 2 with a a piece of Romex, cap the ends and close the box.

He said that will pass the final inspection and once I get the charger I can just open the box, connect the charger, bolt it on top and be done with it. No need for another inspection.

After the outrageous quote I got from AV I am seriously thinking about getting everything done myself.
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