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Re: Long trip LEAF (2011-2017 models) success stories.

Wed Jul 26, 2017 5:17 pm

webfootguy wrote:That was wall time. This is an interesting aspect of EV driving. Highway 101 is littered by curves and towns with 25 to 45 speed limits and stretches of 55 mph speed limits. Ideal for EV driving. I averaged 4.8 miles per kWh for the whole trip (and entire stretches of 5.2 m/kWh). If I had taken a high speed highway (65 to 70 mph), my time would be less but I would have had to charge more.

Thanks. Yes, such routes are ideal for EV touring. Was thinking CA S.R. 1 rather than U.S. 101, but it's the same type of drive except for the designation north of Leggett on through OR/WA.
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Re: Long trip LEAF (2011-2017 models) success stories.

Thu Jul 27, 2017 8:01 am

Reddy wrote:
webfootguy wrote:In all it was an uneventful, pleasant drive and shows it is possible to go on trips today without huge effort or huge battery packs.
This is what happens with a series of well-placed DCQCs. I've done this drive as well and the WA-OR AV network is very well done, especially considering that it was put in place in 6-7 years ago.

My first long distance trip in the 2012 LEAF was from Mexico to Canada in June 2012, which took 9 days. I was the first person to cross both Oregon and Washington using only DC fast charging.

I just sent a 2014 Toyota RAV4 EV (yes, it has substantially more range than any current LEAF) on the same trip... 45 total hours, including a 6 hour sleeping stop in Redding, California at the halfway point.

Both cars used substantially the same AeroVironment West Coast Electric Highway chargers in Oregon and Washington, with 5 years between uses.

California is the major change. In 2012, they had only a few chargers in the largest metro areas, and because they were Blink units, of course many didn't work, or were poorly placed, etc. Now, in 2017, you can drive most major corridors in California with CHAdeMO. Unfortunately, there is far more work to be done to make fast DC charging as ubiquitous as gasoline stations.

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Re: Long trip LEAF (2011-2017 models) success stories.

Fri Jul 28, 2017 7:55 am

My longest single charge trip was 273 km (170 miles), with 30kWh Leaf and 205 km (128 miles) with 24 kWh Leaf, both with
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Re: Long trip LEAF (2011-2017 models) success stories.

Sun Sep 03, 2017 5:50 am

I would not buy a "Leafbox" for that price, from a foreign country in Europe in order to just gain a 10% increase in range. Even if it works, you will never recoup the price of the "box"...

Also, If it actually made a difference, then larger companies would sell them, or the manufacturers would put them in all their cars to increase their range...

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