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Cannot register EZ-Charge card

Fri Sep 01, 2017 3:19 pm

Realized today that there's an EZ-Charge card in the glove box of our new 2017 Leaf (dealer hadn't mentioned it). Went on line to to register the card. Followed the instructions, entereing basic info (including last 6 digits of VIN) and selecting a network and going through the procedure for that network -- only to find out that it required a registered EZ-Charge card number to complete the network registration. Returned to the EZ-Charge registration page. That is, back to square one. Spouse tried it independently, selecting a different network. Same result. Attempting to log onto EZ-Charge made it clear the system did not recognize me as having an account.

Called customer service (844-392-4274). Waited on hold for 20 minutes. Finally a rep answered. I told her the story. She was not the least bit surprised and said the web page was not working and had not been working for weeks. She said all she could do was take my basic info and e-mail it to headquarters, which in turn would contact me by e-mail. She could not estimate how long it would take for that return e-mail to come or what my status would be at that point. She apologized for the web page not working, for the web page having no warning that it was not working, and for her lack of info about when/how/whether all of this might be resolved. None of which inspired confidence in EZ-Charge and Nissan.

In the meantime, I'm left not knowing whether to set up an separate account with, say, EVgo, and whether doing so would muck up any eventual EVgo access via my EZ-Charge card.

Ugh. :evil:

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Re: Cannot register EZ-Charge card

Sat Sep 02, 2017 6:59 pm

From what I remember, I had a bit of confusion as well with turning on my EZ-Charge card, but I'd encourage you to go ahead and set up accounts with the networks you're likely to use first. The EZ-Charge card is pretty much a "one Ring to rule them all" kind of deal, and I think expects you to give its activation process a list of preexisting networks to organize the billing for. I know that when I got an EZ-Charge card along with a 2016 LEAF, I already had a Blink account for my 2011 LEAF. and hooked it into the EZ-Charge card. The billing for the old account kept on going (at least, as far as the statements and charge start/end emails went) just that the billed amounts have been zero.

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