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Re: EV charging info for newbies

Thu Oct 12, 2017 2:19 am

You see... You give something out for free and you still get complaints...... If you were giving out money, some would complain that they didn't like the color green......

Thank you for your site... I like the kind of retro 90s look....

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Re: EV charging info for newbies

Thu Oct 12, 2017 4:40 am

Cosmacelf wrote:Thanks for the feedback guys. I'll update the numbers.

As far as the 14 gauge wire thing - AFAIK, the only place I talk about 14 gauge wire is on the Volt/Bolt adapter page which is only used with the 12A/120V EVSE that comes with the car. 12A is the most you can draw through it, so 14 gauge works.

Did I mess this up somewhere, or is it not obvious I'm talking only about Volt/Bolt adapters? I'll take a closer look 'cause I sure didn't mean to imply 14 gauge is good for anything else other than 12A.

Ahh, now that I look again I see your right, the adapters you talked about were specifically under the 12a Volt/Bolt section. I have several EVSEs that are 120v/240v compatible(one that goes up to 30a @ both 120v and 240v) and have built just such adapters but just using the Volt/Bolt EVSE 14 gauge wiring should be just fine. Again personally I wouldn't want to make an adapter to go from a 240v plug to a 120v outlet, I'd rather cut off the 120v plug and install a 240v plug, then make an adapter to go from a 120v plug to a 240v outlet, but either way works as your well aware.
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Re: EV charging info for newbies

Thu Oct 12, 2017 5:53 am

powersurge wrote:You give something out for free and you still get complaints....

I’m not so sure the comments were complaints as such, but a great example of the best of the “peer review” process. My interpretation of the comments were that they were from knowledgeable and well-intentioned people very familiar with the LEAF and wiring practices. In addition to some corrections which are always useful, the issue of using size 14 wiring was noted. This is especially useful in that, even though the OP turned out to be factually correct in what he posted, it was easy for even an expert to assume something not meant. Good practice suggests the OP provide more/better clarification on that point to ensure someone less knowledgeable doesn’t make and implement the same misinterpretation.

All in all, I applaud the OP for the work and for submitting it to the forum for review and comment. Good job to all involved from my view.
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Re: EV charging info for newbies

Thu Oct 12, 2017 3:42 pm

It's all good. I really do appreciate the feedback and will update the site accordingly. At least three people have mistaken the Volt/Bolt adapter page for a generic adapter page, so I've got to do something there!

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