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Re: E-NV200 range + charging at services

Fri Apr 20, 2018 12:16 pm

^^^ not bad, now if they could just import it to N. America! Of course with the current administration's positiveness towards import taxes.....well I doubt the chicken tax will be repealed anytime soon :( which would be a death nail to a vehicle like this :x
AFA range, I drive an ICE NV-200 and average a bit above 20 MPG(I believe it's high profile really kills MPG, for sure at faster speeds). I feel if they made a ICE Leaf it would probably get ~40 MPG under the same conditions so figure 1/2 the range of an eNV-200 compared to a Leaf. If the 40kW Leaf can go 150 miles, I'd say more like 75 under real world(70 MPH freeways) N. American driving conditions for a eNV-200. Still 75 miles wouldn't be bad, I might be interested in a 5 passenger version, if it ever comes to this side of the pond.
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Re: E-NV200 range + charging at services

Fri Apr 20, 2018 4:47 pm

Comparing EPA to JC08 on the LEAF, it's 151 vs. 248.5 miles (400km), so EPA is 60.8% of JC08 for it. I figured a ballpark conversion of 2/3rd to arrive at about 124 miles. At 60.8% EPA would be 113 miles for the e-NV200, so somewhere between 100 and 125 EPA is probably right.
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