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California ARB petitions US EPA for “Tier 5” stricter locomotive emissions standards

Sat Apr 15, 2017 3:45 pm

Via GCC: ... 4-arb.html

. . . These new standards are to include standards for newly manufactured locomotives (which ARB refers to as “Tier 5”), and a new standard for Tier 4 locomotives upon remanufacture.

ARB is also requesting new remanufacturing standards equal to or more stringent than current Tier 4 emission levels for Tier 2 and 3 locomotive engines. ARB Chair Mary Nichols said the moves are needed to clean up the air in “high-risk” communities in and around the nation’s railyards.

The proposed emission standards would cut toxic and smog-causing emissions by 85% for diesel particulate matter (PM) and 66% for oxides of nitrogen (NOx) below current Tier 4 levels. Newly manufactured locomotives would have some zero-emission mile capability. . . .

In the formal petition submitted for US EPA Rulemaking to reduce locomotive emissions, Nichols made it clear that recent studies have found that there are significant diesel exposure disparities by race and income among residents living in close proximity to most of the major railyards in California.

Nichols acknowledges that many steps have already been taken to clean up emissions from the nation’s complex freight delivery network. National locomotive emissions and diesel fuel standards, CARB agreements with railroads, California emission standards for drayage trucks and cargo equipment, and private and public investments in cleaner equipment are reducing overall emissions and health risk near our major railyards.

However, CARB believes that more can be accomplished, and that to deliver on the collective responsibility to improve conditions on the ground for overburdened communities, new action by US EPA to require a transition to zero and near-zero emission locomotives is necessary.

Also GCC:
Corvus Energy’s Orca ESS to power multiple hybrid RTG cranes at Changshu Port ... orvus.html

Corvus Energy will supply Orca Energy lithium-ion energy storage systems (ESS) for four hybrid rubber-tired gantry cranes (RTGs) for CCCC Shanghai Equipment Engineering (CCCCSEE). The RTGs are the first of many cranes at the Chinese Port of Changshu to undergo a diesel-to-battery hybrid conversion using a Corvus Orca ESS.

Unlike conventional diesel electric port cranes, the hybrid version is powered primarily from the Orca Energy ESS resulting in fuel savings of up to 65% with the added benefits of reduced operating costs, reduced greenhouse gas emissions and lower noise levels at the terminal. . . .
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