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Re: Any problem charging at leaf at a lowly 8 amps.

Thu Mar 22, 2018 6:51 pm

webeleafowners wrote:
GlennD wrote:
webeleafowners wrote:
Yah. The coiled cable works well in this situation. The black button (hard to see) switches between 8 and 12 amps. I hose clamped it to the board and screwed the board to the wall. Need to repaint the board yet but it looks pretty good and isn’t visible from the street.

Mercedes supplies a Lear EVSE that comes with a coiled cable but the Lear has a poor reputation for reliability.

Well, the smart is a Mercedes product so it’s probably the same one. We haven’t had any problems in the three years we have had it. Either with the EVSE or the car.

Well since mine sits in a sealed bag I do not concern myself about its lack of reliability. I carry an OpenEVSE unit. It has an Amazon J1772 cable rated at 16A. It is dual voltage with a 120V to L6-20A Adapter. Really, I do not see a need for it.
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